A French Food Lovers Weekend

Husband and wife Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree invite you to spend an intimate (three couple’s per weekend) French Food Lovers experience in their home, Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson.

Set in fairy-tale surroundings of the Pays de la Loire, France – Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson sits proudly on the site of an ancient fort, surrounded by 12 acres of stunning park-land.

Compared to the rest of France, three times as many of the population of Mayenne work the land and local produce abounds in the markets. Many of the stalls are locals, selling their surplus harvest.

Dick Strawbridge has always enjoyed growing and rearing his own food, so his move to France was home from home. After becoming a finalist in Celebrity Masterchef, Dick’s love for food became apparent to the nation and when he met Angel Adoree, founder of the Vintage Patisserie and author of 3 vintage cook-books, their life became one big food lovers adventure.

Dick and Angel often talked about their dream weekend and what it would entail.  After their move to France, they finally feel they are in a privileged position to host a feast of food, wine and lifestyle.

The weekend:

  •  Arrival on Friday 5pm
  •  A welcome 6 course dinner, unlimited wines and digestifs
  •  2 night stay in the extremely spacious and suites.
  •  Before you arrive Dick and Angel will tailor your schedule to ensure you do as much or as little as you want. You can drink wine while receiving a master class from Dick, or relax and have an aperitif in the Grand Salon or in the evening sunshine by the moat.  You might decide to take up fishing, bike-riding or join Angel on a flea market adventure!
  • Food and drink will be in plentiful supply, so it might be worth fasting for the week before your arrival!
  • Departure on Sunday midday, post a very lazy brunch and a final tour of every not seen.
  • Collection and delivery can also be organised from the local railway station in Laval (direct links to Paris).

£1000 per couple all inclusive (excluding travel) OR

€1300 per couple all inclusive (excluding travel)

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